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PSI-Impuls Award Further information: Prize awarded to Thomas Mortelmans The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and the PSI-Impuls Association have PSI-Impuls Award presented former SNI doctoral student Dr. Thomas Mortelmans puls/psi-impuls-preis with the PSI-Impuls Award. Mortelmans received the prize, which is Article on Thomas presented every two years for the best application-oriented doctoral Mortelmans’ PhD dissertation dissertation at the PSI, for his dissertation on the “Development of a https://nanoscience. neues-prinzip-fuer-antikoerper- tests-thomas-mortelmans-be- nano昀氀uidic particle size sorter and its biomedical applications.” kommt-den-von-sensirion-ge- sponsorten-swiss-nanotechnol- ogy-phd-award/ In his doctoral dissertation, which was fund- Video on the ed as an SNI PhD School project, Mortelmans scientific approach developed a new functional principle for a rapid COVID-19 test that can also be used to Video with Thomas detect other viruses such as in昀氀uenza A or to about the SNI PhD determine the status of the disease. School Mortelmans carried out his work at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Dr. Yasin Ekinci’s group. In 2022, he previously received the Swiss Nan- otechnology PhD Award, which was launched by the Swiss MNT Network and sponsored by Sensirion, for a publication describing the functional principle of the micro昀氀uidic test in the journal ACS Applied Nanomaterials. Mortelmans now works as a device scientist at Johnson & Johnson in Scha昀昀hausen. “Our warmest congratulations on this well-earned award!” Thomas Mortelmans received the PSI-Impuls Award. (Image: PSI) SNI PhD School SNI PhD School en/forschung/phd-programm/ Applications still open Young researchers still have until December 31, 2023, to apply for the projects announced at the SNI PhD School. Further information: 8 SNI INSight December 2023

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