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Contents 3 Editorial 4 Honored for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots The Nobel Prize in Chemistry goes to three nanoscientists 8 PSI-Impuls Award Prize awarded to Thomas Mortelmans 8 SNI PhD School Applications still open 9 Nano Image Award 2023 9 Series of talks on nanosciences 9 Boundaries in the nanosciences 10 Passionate about microscopy and technology Markus Dürrenberger receives honorary membership of the SNI 12 Nano Fabrication Lab The service unit is growing 14 Back to her roots Former nanoscience student Anne Géraldine Guex is returning to Basel as a professor 17 Projects as part of the Quantum Transitional Call Participation by SNI members 20 Guest article: Looking back on INASCON 2023 A “journey” organized by students 22 Support in the form of detailed imaging The Nano Imaging Lab is a popular destination for high-school diploma projects 25 News from the SNI network

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